I’m not a feminist because…

I get it, ok. We’re all supposed to be pissed about gender inequality and what not.
Don’t take your husband’s last name! Make him wash his own clothes and cook his own meals! We should make the same amount of money and be allowed to get abortions! Free the nipple, blah blah blah…

 Whatever. I get where some of you are coming from.

But am I the only one who actually likes gender roles? I f*&%ing love gender roles. And I’m not sorry.

I think making your man a home-cooked meal is an act of love, not submissiveness.

I think cleaning up after him is nurturing – it doesn’t make you his personal slave.

Taking his last name doesn’t mean you’re giving up your identity.

But you know what else is cool? MALE GENDER ROLES! If I cook and clean, I can be like “Hey babe, change my tire, unclog the toilet, open this jar, etc. etc. etc.”

 Last night I had this same conversation with my bf and he literally said “I think if you unclogged a sink or toilet, I wouldn’t fully trust it..”

The feminist in me would’ve been like “Wait, just because I’m a woman, you don’t think I’m physically capable of plunging shit out of a toilet?”

But the more honest version of me spoke up and said “THANK GOD.” 

If you ask me, in America, we have it pretty good. Could we bridge that gender wage gap a bit? Sure. But if you ask me, I don’t wanna be equal to men. We have advantages and disadvantages.

I don’t hear any men complaining and asking for uteruses.

Before I get attacked by feminists, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Some women prefer to do the heavy lifting. Some men prefer to cook and clean. To each his own. I’m just saying, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with conforming to gender roles, because quite frankly, I’d 100% rather cook a meal or do some laundry than mow a lawn.

6 thoughts on “I’m not a feminist because…

  1. I love this AND I’m a feminist! 🙂 I think you did a good job of showing your point of view without making feminists feel attacked for their way of thinking (super common on both sides of the feminism spectrum these days). I consider myself a feminist because #GirlPower but I would also MUCH rather make dinner than mow a lawn. Dude. I would do twenty loads of laundry before I would do battle with a spider or a cockroach. I think the idea behind a lot of the feminism I see these days is the point you make at the end: we love pink and wearing lipstick but we also want to be a CEO one dayand maybe make as much as a comprable man CEO. Or not have to pay tampon tax. But for real, you’re the bomb.com and I agree with letting men work on my car. and toilet. and house…you get the picture 😉


  2. I loved this a lot! I don’t think conforming to gender roles is wrong at all; of its right for you/ your relationship that’s awesome! I think the main reason people dislike gender roles is that it makes men who want to do things like cook are make art or whatever seem like they’re not masculine enough, and women who want to do the nitty gritty stuff seem not feminine enough. I think the point is that the roles shouldn’t be gendered, necessarily, but the different roles should be agreed upon by both partners.


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