5 Ways to Celebrate #NationalBoyfriendDay

Let me start off by saying that I spend an exessive amount of time on social media… Today Twitter told me that it was #NationalBoyfriendDay … *insert eye roll emoji* Leave it to Twitter to come up with a holiday that

  1. Makes you feel obligated to post a Man Crush Monday photo OR
  2. Reminds you of the fact that you’re mind numbingly single and no one has even noticed that you haven’t shaved your armpits in a week

Anyway, I came up with a couple sure fire ways to celebrate this holiday whether you’re in a relationship or not.

  1. Dinner/Drinks. Treat your beau to a nice fancy dinner. Chili’s has a coupon. Like, always. If you’re single, meet up with the gals for happy hour and some appetizers that are fried/stuffed with cheese and embrace the fact that you don’t have a boyfriend.
  2. A romantic night in. Bake your man some cookies. Step 1, buy some cookies at the store. Step 2, lay them out on a plate and throw the packaging away. If you’re single, buy the cookies (no need to throw the package away) – and also buy milk. And some wine. Invite the girls over for a chick flick marathon.
  3. A nice gift. Treat him to a sentimental gift. Target has scented candles if his room always smells. If you’re single, take your girls to the mall with you and treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.
  4. Photo tribute. Make a nice pic collage for Instagram and talk about how great the last 6 months have been. If you’re single, get the gals to bring any pics of their exes to your house. Light scented candles and BURN BABY BURN.
  5. Create a care package. Put some beef jerky and a 6 pack of beer in a basket. If you’re single – Single girl care package: Face mask, Hershey’s Chocolate, wine, the movie How to Be Single.

So that’s all I got. What are some of y’all’s fave ways to celebrate this holiday that didn’t even exist last year?

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