6 Things Girls My Age Should Stop Doing

Being a female in your twenties is tough. Half my Facebook friends are posting pics of their weddings and videos of their babies learning to crawl. The other half are Snapchatting videos of strangers pouring liquor into their mouths. It’s like, WHERE DO I FIT IN?

I’m basically halfway adulting. I’ve created a list of things to STOP doing, you know, to help myself become a responsible adult. Here goes…


  • Living paycheck to paycheck.200 Nothing beats peace of mind. Build up a savings /emergency fund. Learn to keep a couple hundred (or thousand, but we’ll start small) dollars in your bank account. Nothing is worse than standing at the gas pump worrying about whether or not your card is going to work.
  • Hating all men2001
    Stop living by Sex and the City quotes
    (literally, me) and own up to the fact that you don’t always have the best judgment. Tell yourself you dated jerks intentionally, to teach yourself  a lesson. Finally, acknowledge the fact that there are good guys out there. And wait. Patiently.
  • Drinking until you vomit. giphy1Stop poisoning your body. The hangovers are terrible and you (more often than not) lose an entire day recovering. Save heavy drinking for special occasions. Like New Year’s Eve. Or Vegas. Or New Year’s Eve in Vegas.
  • Putting materials before your well-being. You shouldn’t have an $80 manicure but not be able to afford gas. Or groceries. Say it with me: POLISH CHANGE.
  • Bashing your former or current beau. giphyI’m totally guilty of this. Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve – stop. Especially if you don’t seriously plan on ending it. Don’t give your parents, sisters and all your girlfriends a reason to hate your SO. They can find them on their own. LOL
  • Speaking of bashing… Stop airing your dirty laundry on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Most people don’t care about your problems. The ones who ARE reading your overly dramatic posts are probably sending screenshot to their friends. Trust me on this.

Ok, ok I think I’ve limited myself enough for the next few years. Idk.

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