Stop Hating The Other Woman

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Let’s have a heart to heart – a “Come to Jesus” meeting, if you will. Do yourself a favor and STOP hating the girl he cheated with. The girl he was Snapchatting and texting things you didn’t approve of.

Should you be her friend? Probably not, that would just be awkward… Although some girls can do that – become BFF’s with a girl after they found out the guy was cheating.

Side note: Some girl messaged me on Instagram after I posted a pic with a guy I was talking to.

She was all like “Ok whore that’s my bf”

And I was all like “oops my bad girl – he told me he was single”

And she was like “what a pig”

And I was like “we both deserve better”

And she was like “Ya ur right, let’s both leave him”

 Back to the main issue: Do you have to like the girl he cheated with? No.

But you should stop badmouthing her.

Stop harassing her on social media, calling her a whore and a skank. Stop badmouthing her to any of your mutual friends because, “That bitch hooked up with him while we were together.”

Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe… he lied to her too?

Look at it like this – If he’s willing to lie to you, his “soul mate,” his “one and only,” the “love of his life,” don’t you think he’d be more than willing to do it to her too?

Why are you tearing down a girl who had no idea the guy was in a relationship? Why is she a “home wrecker” when she had NO IDEA there was even a home to wreck?

Get over yourself. Stop slut shaming the girl only to take back the REAL whore (aka your man.) 

Another side note: The girl who messaged me on Instagram took back the cheater in approximately 4 days. (According to her #ManCrushMonday post)

 I know, I know. Sometimes this isn’t the case. Sometimes, the girl he cheated with did know he was in a relationship. And she decided to pursue it anyway. If that’s the case, by all means – hate the girl. If you want to call her names, I guess it’s justified? I mean, If I’m being a feminist, we shouldn’t call other women sluts and whores (even if they are acting like sluts and whores) but idk if I’m a feminist sooo..

But SERIOUSLY, the bottom line is this: Have enough dignity to leave that guy. Have some self-respect and walk away. If you choose to badmouth her and then take him back… you can’t really be angry when it happens again, now can you?

And if you just can’t – I mean you’re finding it physically impossible to not hate the girl… My friend Isabel once told me, “Don’t wish bad upon her – Just hope that she gets fat.”

1 thought on “Stop Hating The Other Woman

  1. So true! The amount of Instagram comments I see on other girls pictures is just plain hurtful. If you’re not too fat, you’re too skinny and need to eat a cheeseburger. Lose-lose! We all just need to appreciate each other


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