5 Things You Should Leave in 2015

In 2015 I turned 21. I quit sneaking into bars and arguing with bouncers about my address. In 2015 I graduated college. I quit calling myself a student and writing essays for money. In 2015 I got a real job. I quit sleeping ’till 2pm everyday. But I still feel like there are other areas I could’ve improved in this year. These are a few things I plan to leave in 2015.

Financial instability.giphy3

Ain’t nobody got time for that. I finally got financially situated at like the end of the year. But if I’d been a little smarter with my money to begin with, I wouldn’t have had to pretend I was poor for months in order to pay off my credit card debt. Word of advice: Learn to accept when you can’t afford something. Like a night out, or becoming vegan. Once you’ve accepted that, learn to say no to Sunday brunches and Saturday nights out. You’re nearing adulthood, get your shit together.

Toxic relationships.


I shouldn’t even have to say this. But I actually do. That whole on again off again thing is so unhealthy… and it confuses your Twitter followers friends and family. Don’t give too many second chances. Because one night you’ll finally crack his passcode and find out that he has 3 other girlfriends. Leave the cheaters, liars, and scrubs in 2015 and find someone who treats you right. Or just stay single. As long as you stop letting people walk all over you.

Being late for work.


The only time being late is ok is when you’re going out or to a party. Being late for class, work, meetings or your period is never a good sign. Stay on top of things, quit watching Netflix until 3am when you have work the next day. I’m not sure how healthy this is, but I recently started taking 5Mg of Melatonin an hour before bed and I seriously wake up before my alarm. Not only that, I feel good. I highly recommend it. And Melatonin, you can pay me for this ad too.

Doing anything half-ass.makeup GIF

My actual New Year’s Resolution is to quit going to work with my hair wet and doing my makeup in the car. It just looks sloppy. I was never big on appearances, but I’m learning that the way you present yourself says a lot about you. The girl who shows up 5 minutes late with wet hair and no makeup on looks a lot less professional than the chick who was early and actually looks put-together. Call me shallow – but you know I’m right.

Being unhealthy or inactive. 


I’m not saying to start training for a triathlon or lower your calorie intake by 50%. Just pay attention to what you’re putting in your body. Living on Ramen Noodles and watching Netflix is the leading cause of death in millennials. Nah jk, idk. But really. Just switch out your breakfast burrito for yogurt or oatmeal one day. Substitute a cheeseburger for grilled chicken or a salad. It gets easier.

There are tons of other ways I plan to better myself next year. These are just the only ones I want to be held accountable for. I hope reading this is as motivational for you as writing it was for me.

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