What Millennials Want for Christmas

Most of us are nearing adulthood now, some of us don’t really have Christmases anymore. My mom says that when you become a parent, Christmas becomes about your kids, not you. Millennials are in that awkward stage between a child and an adult. I live at home with my parents. Some people my age are married with kids. But we’re all still trying to figure it out.

  1. Netflix. I know, I know. It’s only $8/month. But I hardly watch TV so I just bum off my grandma’s account. Only, occasionally I get a little message that says “Too many people are using Netflix on your account, quit being cheap.” And so I’m forced to go to bed without watching Friends and it basically throws off my entire night.
  2. A down payment on a starter home.
    I just started looking around, I’m hoping to purchase my first home in 2016 (We’ll see… Don’t get your hopes up, mom & dad) and holy crap, you guys. Houses are expensive!! I thought I had a decent savings until I realized how much I needed to put down. So Santa, if you have like $10,000 in your big bag of gifts, I’d really appreciate that.
  3. More PTO. My new grown up job gives me paid time off; Vacation, holidays and stuff. It’s weird. I was looking at my last pay check. And I was like, “Wait, I got paid for Columbus Day? I was off.” Yeah, that’s nice. So if you could just add a few federal holidays to the Calendar, that would be really awesome too, Santa.
  4. A trip to New York. Because I haven’t been anywhere and I feel like I’m supposed to be traveling right now. Everyone I went to high school with is like studying abroad and I feel adventurous if I drive to the mall.
  5. A nice pair of slacks. As much as I’d love to splurge on going-out clothes, I spend 40 hours a week in an office. I need slacks, not skinny jeans…. Man that sentence was really depressing.
  6. A new rim for my car. This really only applies to me. I hit a pot hole and it dented my rim. Now I am forever getting flat tires because I don’t want to dish out several hundred dollars for something that I can’t wear. Plus Discount Tire replaces it for free. (Hopefully they don’t read this blog.)
  7. A low-interest car loan. I think we can all agree that car shopping sucks, and so does waiting to get approved for a loan. So if I could just get a brand new BMW or something, without an increase in my car payment that would make for an AWESOME Christmas present. But it’s also impossible, so whatever.
  8. Amazon Prime. My free trial ended the other day and they charged my account like $100. I was like woah. Hold up, I’m too cheap for this. But I’m starting to realize that Amazon Prime is actually a good investment; except I only use it a couple times a year, so I don’t actually want to make the purchase myself. Santa?

DISCLAIMER: This blog is loosely based on some kind of true stuff. So anything that might be breaking some sort of rules or warranty… Isn’t true.

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